How to SEO optimize your Etsy listing for more sales

How to SEO optimize your Etsy listing for more sales

Today we’re going to break down the anatomy of a listing and talk optimization and what role the different listing elements play in conversions and all that good stuff!

I want to focus, not just on the basic elements, but on some backend parts, keywords and how you make sure you set everything up to get the best chance of conversions.

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Main image

Your images are one of the most important parts of the listing, hands down – especially your main image.

When thinking about your main image, you want to think about how it will look at a smaller thumbnail in the SERPS when people search, also, you need to think about how it looks when compared to your competitors.

You need to do everything you can to stand out in some way and catch the attention of a customer’s scanning eyeball, even disrupt it for a second (which you can do by changing the angle of the image, for example).

The best way to pick the main image is split testing – so just duplicate the listing however many times and have a different image each time.

Then if you run PPC, you can see which listing gets the most impressions, clicks etc

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Secondary images

For your secondary images, I usually go for a few angle shots of the product, some lifestyles and some graphics (like a handmade badge, handmade in the US etc – depending on your product of course).

You can also include some copy-enhanced images too (highlighting, if applicable, things like size dimensions, weight etc).

Keywords: Your title & Tags

Your title is SUPER important for a few different reasons and the main one is keywords.

Keywords in your title carry the most weight by far so it’s important to do good keyword research (which most people don’t – see this article) and then seed those top-traffic keywords into the title in a non-spammy way.

The most important part would be the first 40-60 characters since that’s what buyers on the search results page will read first.

Next up, for tags in Etsy, you can repeat the keywords from the title and personally, I like to repeat maybe half and then use other keyword combinations in there, depending on the product type.


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Sometimes I also like to put misspellings in the tags as most sellers aren’t optimizing for them.

Keywords and PPC

Don’t forget the more keyword variations you have, the more terms your listings will be eligible if you’re running PPC so the more data your campaigns will ultimately generate.

Your description   

For this, I usually focus on a line about the product and about how it would make a nice gift for the target audience.

Then I include a bullet list of product features (ie. Made in the US, dishwasher safe, size dimensions etc) then another section with delivery times and how long it will take to make and ship out.

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Finally, I include a message about my refund policy, all nicely formatted and easy to read and end with a call to action (click buy now, add to cart etc).

Now, alas in my experience, customers don’t like to read anything and Q4 ends up being a daily game of answer the customer who didn’t read the description but none the less, good to have the vital info in there.

One last thing about the descriptions is that, although it doesn’t get indexed for keywords, it is indexable by Google and search engines – so you want to make the most of it.

The backend details and stuff

The most important thing to get right is the product category (you can always check similar competitors if you’re unsure) and then the other options are contextual, but filling them all out is good for SEO as you can send more signals about your product and who it is for.

But, again, you should be filling out 100% everything you can because the more signals you can send to the search engine, the better!

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Free Shipping

If it’s an option, it’s always good to offer free delivery because a lot of buyers search products and check the ‘free delivery’ box.

In a March 2018 survey buyers said they are 50% less likely to buy an item if they thought the price of shipping was even a little bit more expensive than they’re used to so have a good think about it.

I always build the cost of shipping into the product price where possible as people do, paradoxically, pay more when free shipping is an option.

If you’re selling guitars or something massive, this, of course, won’t be an option!


Here is a full article on every signal Etsy’s algorithm uses in their SEO but a key thing to remember here is that Etsy is an E-commerce search engine and the more people convert and buy on your listing, the higher the Etsy algorithm will rank you generally speaking.

A good price point, nice images, and solid copy are what help you convert and ultimately, sell more!

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