How to do rock solid Etsy keyword research

How to do rock solid Etsy keyword research

Ok, today lets jump into the meat and potatoes of keyword researching keywords on Etsy. We’ll be talking about 3 tools, Marmalead, EtsyRank and one you may or may not have heard of called Spotneiches.

Now one thing I should say off the bat is that Etsy doesn’t give ANYONE direct access to their data or special privileges - software makers do like to claim these things though.

Finally, I would suggest you test or trial these tools yourself and see which you like best in terms of cost, usability, and so on, as for who has the best data, you will just have to pick one and not go too crazy overthinking J


Say you have a product like a Trump hat (just an example!) – that will be your main keyword, otherwise known as your seed keyword.

You can use Marmalead’s storm tool to generate some other possible seed keyword ideas.

 etsy keyword research

From there you would add words that relate to your product to your ‘bucket’ (what Maramalead call a keyword group basically)

Next they have a nifty looking comparison tool that takes your seed (main) keywords and does a breakdown of how competitive they are etc

etsy keyword research

It shows you the estimated searches and also competition – the goal being you would pick the keywords with a balance of good searches and low competition.

Finally, you can then look even deeper into a keyword in the search tool and see neat things like trends over time etc. Pro tip, you can also check stuff like this for free in google trends :)

i need etsy keyword research

Some people gripe about the cost of Marmalead, but it’s good software and is worth testing for a couple of months I would say.

Next is Etsy Rank, another favorite

So with this, you just head to the keywords and put in a seed keyword then the first thing you get is a word cloud which is cute.

best etsy keyword research

Then you get the good stuff, namely the data

need keywords for etsy

Here you want to focus on getting something with high to mid demand and engagement with, duh, low competition!

What’s also handy is the average price point as it will help you get a sweet spot for pricing your product.

To get ideas for your tags, Etsyrank then gives you a breakdown even further where you can see trends and cherry-pick more phrases and use them in tags.

etsy seo research

Finally, the coolest thing about EtsyRank to me, is the top 100 breakdown that shows you the top competition for your chosen word – super handy for seeing what the top sellers are doing and seeing if there is any way to model their success :)

Plus you can also see their tags at a glance.

etsy seo keyword research

Of the two, I prefer EtsyRank and the free version has more stuff for you to play with, so that’s my 2c.

Finally, I tool I use a lot because of selling on Amazon and eBay also is called Spot Neiches.

In a nutshell, what it does is take a keyword, show you the estimated search volume (remember, it’s an estimate!) and then show you the number of competitors letting you see at a glance the high traffic, low competition words.

So using a previous example:

how to do etsy keyword research

High traffic and few sellers = those are the keywords you want!

Now the tool will show you up to 100 results and also works for eBay and Amazon, so good if you are on all 3.

The downside is the hefty monthly cost, but since you can do 5 free searches per week, I would encourage you to have a play in the sandbox.

Not as visually pretty and probably not worth it if Etsy is your only platform, but I mention it as I use it a lot.

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