Etsy Advertising - A quick and easy guide to understanding advertising ppc and more

Etsy Advertising - A quick and easy guide to understanding advertising ppc and more

Ok so there are still a lot of Etsy sellers that don’t know much about the dark arts of advertising and my hope with this article is to get you up to speed!

The first thing I want to say is that good sales start with a good, optimized listing! If you haven’t got the listing and keywords part right, then effectively running ads will be much harder – so to get up to speed on that, please check out this article here.

etsy advertising tips

Same goes for your store layout – if it looks like a hobo’s crack nest, void of any personality, you can miss out on the human element and the Etsy algorithm aspect that also looks at how much is being filled out and updated etc.

Super basic

I won’t be going super deep here as that’s something I have dedicated training on, but the most important thing to understand with Etsy is that you will be using a pay per click system – this is where sellers bid to be shown above other sellers.

Like an auction, popular keywords will be more expensive because more sellers are bidding.

You will be paying to get your items shown on page one – generally the higher your bid the better your chances of being seen and making a sale, although there are other factors that I talk about in my Etsy SEO article.

Generally, though, lower bids mean you might end up on page 2, and we all know that page two might as well be a barren wasteland!

Step one - Etsy promoted listings   

 guide to etsy ppc

Basic strategy

So first things first, you don’t want to just advertise everything (unless each one of your items is totally different or you have very few items), pick a selection of your products to advertise, then go ahead and set your daily bid manually, preferably higher than the recommended bid to have the best chances of being shown on page 1.

To turn on custom bidding, click Manage > Advanced settings > Toggle Show bidding options to On.

Now you’ll see the bid column and you can control it – I would go up to a dollar or more per click, depending on how competitive your category is.

Next, over time, you can (and should) increase your daily budget. Starting out, Etsy won’t just let you blast it up to hundreds of dollars but will allow you to spend more as you go along using your past 7-day average ad spend.

etsy how to promoted listings

From 0, you can scale to something like 300 dollars in about 3 weeks, as long as you’ve been advertising and spending your ad budget.

Naturally, if you only have one item, this might be a bit trickier!

How a big seller will squash a smaller one is, on big shopping days, cyber monday, black Friday, they will be able to spend more and stay on page one longer because they have a high budget cap, then as people buy like crazy, that sellers organic rank will improve which will then leave them at the very top while everybody else wonders what the secret is.

Running ads = data generation.

So when you run ads, what happens is you start to generate exact customer search terms that show you how people are finding your store.

In the marketing tab, under search term analytics, you can now see this stuff:

i need help with etsy ppc

It lets you see how people are finding your store, which will let you (A) double down on what’s working (focusing on those search terms etc) and (B) if you are seeing a lot of impressions but few clicks and conversions, the data is telling you that something about your listing isn’t resonating with people.

Then you have to troubleshoot your listing to answer the question: why are people clicking (so they must like it) but not wanting to add to cart?

Even when your ads aren’t profitable, you are still basically paying to generate data, which is a good thing!

With the proper budget and some time, eventually, you will start to see sales and see patterns emerging, like which products are your winners, what resonates and what falls flat etc.

When to do Google shopping ads

Etsy makes it super easy to run Google shopping ads – the key is first testing ads with Etsy promoted listings, finding the winners and then also advertising those on Google shopping using the same bid strategy as above.

The idea being, to make the best use of your cash, you want to only be running the Google shopping ads to your proven winners.

Facebook Ads

Basically, all you can do here is connect your FB ads account and add your Facebook pixel and then you will be able to track any traffic you send from facebook.

I won’t go into this much here as Facebook advertising is a whole other massive topic and a total other dark art in itself.

But in a nutshell, if you only sell on Etsy and want to drive traffic from FB to your product, you have a piece of tracking code, called a pixel, that you put in Etsy. This way you can see what they did on Etsy after clicking away from Facebook (otherwise how would you know?).

Sales and coupons

tips for etsy ppc marketing

So here you basically have two options: to send someone a discount when they favorite or when they abandon cart.

Generally, don’t expect too much, but if you start driving real traffic it would be good to potentially capitalize.

If your margins can handle it, I would set the abandoned cart to 15% off and 10% off for the recently favorited.

That's it for today, but remembe, the key thing with Etsy advertising is generating data and helping your store build more momentum :)

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